Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Educating World Through Innovation : KHAN ACADEMY


Salman Khan founder of KHAN ACADEMY says : "Changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere" . Salman Khan education???? he is a bollywood hero right! 

I'm talking about Bangladeshi American educator Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School who quit his plump job to pursue a not for profit organisation in the field of education.

Khan Academy is the  most happening  thing happen to the field of education in the last decde.

Organisation Structure:

Khan Academy organisation structure consist a team of 28 core members and hundreds of volunteer who contributed  hundreds of videos,lectures on different subjects.
One can look in to the core team by vistin the below given link :

Business Model:

Khan Academy as I stated earlier is a not for profit organisation. Now the obvious question arises is that how this organisation is running?

Currently, Khan Academy is supported by three big donors, Bill and Melinda Gates, Google and the O’Sullivan Foundation and number of small donors. I think, there is little doubt that others will follow suit in order to keep Khan Academy going for the next years. The interesting part begins when we start thinking what is going to happen when the first students will tie their financial success to what they learned for free at Khan Academy.

Universities receive large sums from their alumni every year who want to give something back to the institution that provided them with the tools to succeed in life. What happens when Khan Academy was responsible for the success of a new breed of entrepreneurs in developing countries. They might donate to their alma mater.

Effect & Impact:

Is really Khan Academy able to achieve its mission of ,"Changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere". Lets look at a video below and we will get the answer. 

Number of unique visitor to the is estimated around 3.5 million. This number is growing by leaps and bound.


How khan academy is different from other educating sites?

  • Students are free to learn anytime, anywhere
  • Students can jump to where help is needed most, and spend as much time as necessary to master concepts
  • The content is short, fun, approachable, and easily digestible
  • There is a clear and continuous path to learning complex topics
  • Students feel an increased sense of ownership - they are learning, not "being taught"
  • The focus on core conceptual understanding ensures students build the necessary skills that are applicable in any curriculum used in schools
  • Interactive practice ensures concepts truly sink in
  • Rich data helps teachers monitor progress and provide focused support
  • Teachers are empowered to make their classroom experiences much more fun, engaging, and social, with less lecturing and more project-based learning and peer tutoring.

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